Infinite Credit Underwriting Managers (Pty)Ltd

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Infinite Credit Underwriting Managers(Pty)Ltd t/a Icredit, was founded in April 2010 with the primary focus to provide Credit related products to the broker market after the National Credit Act came into effect.

The importance of the broker needing to offer products such as Credit Protection and Top-Up insurance was quite apparent to us since this was not the focus of a motor dealership but rather a must for the broker who hold the clients interest at heart.

We are passionate about the short term industry and the survival of the short term broker in times where direct insurers are becoming more and more prevalent and we believe these are essential tools in the survival kit.

 As a company with a product being offered directly to the broker it provides us with the unique opportunity to offer a pricing structure that is the most affordable in the market.

We have the ability to design a product around you and your clients needs.