Infinite Credit Underwriting Managers (which trades as iCredit) has been in business for more than ten years, operating in the Value Added Product insurance market. In that period it has developed relationships with many of the insurers operating in South Africa and has developed relationships with very many of the brokers operating in South Africa. Developments in the insurance market in South Africa have created many opportunities for iCredit.

The combination of regulatory changes and market developments have forced insurers to become much more concise in what they cover and what they do not cover. The insurers have also introduced much more crisp limits and a bewildering array of excesses and, in so doing, have created much frustration for their insureds as the cover gaps, cover limitations and excesses are only discovered by the insured at claim time. The white-space left by the conventional insurers is the space which iCredit operates in and looks to grow in. As iCredit is in the frustration reduction business.

ICredit is a registered financial services provider: FSP Number:   46366